[The Choker Game]

The old, is yet again back. Chokers have always been around for years….dating back to the 19th century.  

The styles may vary in centuries, but we still have to admit that our ancestors were quite intelligent, creating fashion that still lives on to this day. 

The only difference could possibly be the texture and still. But otherwise there’s no denying the comparisons. 


Comes in different shades & sizes♡

“From cotton fields to the white house, entertainment industry, law firms…”

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman of class and power. Someone who started from the bottom, and is now on top. Someone so focused on their goals, the hate is literally doing nothing to sway them from achieving what they want in life. 

There is so much respect for black women who do not let the color of their skin define their capabilities in life/society. They fight and have fought through tears and blood to set examples for the younger generations, so that black girls do not feel ashamed of their natural features, most commonly, the hair and skin tone. Two of the highly focused points when defining a black girl.

But, today the movement to encourage confidence in these aspects has become such a success, that braids are now being rocked occasionally, even by celebrities. And if that doesn’t spark enough attention, fellow females from other ethnic groups are supporting the movement:


Let the reign of the braids make a noise. 


Yes, “Queening” should be added to the dictionary as an official word, because it is now a common verb. 

Let’s make this month, one memorable one.♡♡

Everybody is Be_You_tiful 

So much more coming…2017.

How can it be possible that in such a short period of time, so much can happen. I mean really 2017…some people haven’t even fully recovered from the fact that 2016 is behind them and was probably the most horrific year ever. Not of their lives though, because they  are still living.

The biggest and most obvious shock was the American elections. Who could look passed that, it’s all over the news. It is one of those moments when you sit back and  watch the scandal unroll itself. Like you see no hope in this at all.

USA president (Donald Trump)’s iconic peace sign ^ or could there be more behind the unavoidable finger gestures constantly being flung all over the TV screens. Not to forget the signature mouth stance…probably going to be the next pout for 2017. Thank you Mr President.👌

Another saga is the unruly rumors that have not yet been confirmed, but are already hitting the TV charts like crazy. One could eventually feel sorry for the honest, François Fillon. Who is at the moment in the middle of a very life changing opportunity, running for presidency in France.

The fact that the public believes his wife had been gaining large sums of money for no particular reason, from his campaign has him at his collar as he was succeeding immensely in his campaign. Had a very good,clean public image until the dust was hit. 

Furthermore, there’s  Jay-Z and Beyonce’s new arrival package…the twins as it seems.

The Queen herself took to instagram and posted a picture revealing the growing bump of her babies. Giving major hints along in the pic e.g the pink bow on the bra & blue underwear. Congratulations to her. Let’s hope Blue will be happy with Pink & Maroon…Oops! I mean whatever you name your babies.

At this point one can stand on the tip of their toes just waiting for the next exquisite news that 2017 has to bring.

Ariana Grande skates her way in…

The old look has now become the new look,only this time with a twist.

The skater skirt look,inspired by the beautiful, Ariana Grande took 2015/16 by surprise as it evolved from the 90s therefore being considered “old-fashioned”. Ariana took to stage the old look and added some flair (crop tops and heels, occasionally high knee boots) getting herself eyes and public notice for her flirty, yet self-conscious look.

It is considered one of the biggest hypes among teens, giving individuals the power to be creative in their outfits as seen below:

^ the comfort of flat shoes will always be a necessity in life,so why not skate it up as well. These looks are anything but simple. With the limited number of accessories, one can still see the burst of character in the combination of attire.

^ Heels…Heels..Heels ladies. It’s always a woman’s best friend in the closet. But not every woman had the the same taste. Some are elegant and sophisticated, while others like to live on the wild side and spoke things up a little.  So why not live it your way?

It’s really incredible to see on look have so many looks to it, and it only takes ones character to create something new,yet so true to oneself.


I endorse these strippers.

I can look passed the fact that, it is now casual to see a grown man or woman take little bits of clothes of in order for them to make a living. I’ll admit life is hard, it can be he’ll up to a point where you have very limited options and control over your choices and options. 

Therefore, I can endorse and support these men and women,who will fully devote themselves yet still have the strength to not getting emotionally attached to any customer. 

But you know what one can’t endorse? 

It is the countless act of little children,acting too big for their shoes on social media. The shaking of the behind, tacky clothing and vulgar usage of words. And then the world wonders why the rape rate is so high…

What happened to the innocence of our 14 year olds?

I always thought the 90s kids needed a whooping. But boy was I wrong….these 2000s kids are something else.


New Year!New Me…

It is everybody’s hypnotic motto as soon as a new year is around the corner. Truth be told,it is easier said than done. 

Quite frankly I find it ridiculous to want to change yourself in the first place, what is so wrong with the old you? Rather say you will improve & achieve this year,which you certainly will if you set your mind to it. Saying that you want a “New Me” has taken a whole new toll for people these days. In most cases, mostly seen in teens, people tend to stray away from their true selves, caving themselves into a negative aspect in their lives. This aspect is commonly inspired by society.

So many unique individuals dwell within this created space over a long period of time, therefore when a new year starts, it’s not a “New Me” that everybody imagines it’s in fact the persona that one has acquired from society. In other words ‘being someone you are not’

It is not a bad move to fix negative points, but let’s be honest, how many of you have said “I need to fix…” vs “I need to change…” there is a very big difference between those two phrases.

-To fix…means that you are going to improve.

-To change…means that you want to be someone totally different.

Start your year by being honest with yourself for a change. Love yourself,value yourself. Respect yourself enough to live the life you deserve and not the life society has put on the market.

#Everybody’s New year Begins in February😋..2017